keep skin healthy and moisturized

keep skin healthy and moisturized

source url Have you tried numerous beauty treatments and the results were just ridiculous???? Who dont want skin which is healthy, beautiful and attractive???? But having all this properties by using only few kitchen ingredients that are super easily available and affordable we can deal with many skin problems.Cosmetics available in market may give temporary relief but the chemical composition in them have a permanent effect on skin which leaves it dull and unhealthier.  

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Natural ingredients may take some time to show the effect but believe guys its always safer, cost effective and natural. This skin remedy will be a super solution for many skin problems from acne to skin lighting. I myself have tried this and have recommended many of my friends and all of us have been taking its benefits since long and there is a huge difference that we saw we this remedy for our skin.
The key ingredient here is lemon. We all know that lemon is essential source of vitamin C but most of us dont know that it works miracle in treating our skin and making it more better and healthier. Proper usage of lemon along with some other natural kitchen available species gives equal results as cosmetic surgery.

safe dating definition Firstly we need to clean our face with plain water. Slice a lemon and gently rub on your skin for 5-7 mins, let it air dry. Again rub the lemon slice on face and air dry for five minutes. Than comes the second ingredient that is 100% beneficial in improving the texture of skin and making it moisturized. Honey has many medicinal uses. After application of lemon, we need to take approx 3ml(teaspoon) of honey and start massaging on face in circular motion. One needs to use lemon and honey on T-zone more than on other areas of face as we have more open pores nad oily skin in T-zone area.
This remedy is allrounder when comes in treating many skin problems. 

  1. enter Treats tanning
     Being from the place of humid and sunny, tanning is the most often issue that i face everyday.  Tanning is known to change the skin tone completely thereby making a huge difference in skin tone and dehydrating the skin thus giving it a very dull look. This remedy is the best, i can say king of all remedies to lighten the skin tone.
  2. come trading opzioni binarie cos'è - Dicono che le opzioni binarie sono una truffa ma allora perchè in tantissimi ci fanno almeno 1000 Wipes blemishes and acne mark                                                                                                 Most of us gets worried about the marks acne leaves on our beautiful skin when acne pops.However this is the solution for treating acne marks too without going for costly anti-marks creams.
  3. Get rid of large pores                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Large pores appear on the skin due to many reasons like ageing, improper skin care. Lemon has mild acidic properties which kills the bacteria present in pores and shrinks the size of the pore. Honey than gives it a plasric look to skin thereby eliminating all large pores.  

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