How to make money from fiver?

How to make money from fiver?

you can make a huge money out from FIVER .  Before that you should know the exact method of doing. I will tell you the exact method in a simple step by step procedure.


Fiver is a gigs which you creates for a customer in return customer pays you the money.

what is gigs?

Gigs are the tasks which you create on the order of customer  for eg:- creating logo , voice-overs , creating banners and so on.

How to create a gigs?

First you need to sign up in fiver. after that you have to create a gig and post it in fiver. customer will approach u as soon as he notices or likes your gig.

which gigs you should create?

first you have to make keyword research about customer interest . what type of gigs customer is interested after researching make a gig with nice fancy banner which will attract customer

mistakes done by beginners?

never put a fake gigs. For eg if u created a gig on logo design and you dint have any knowledge on that gig . it will create negative impression on customer and he will give you negative reviews on Ur gig. this will affect Ur fiver rankings.

how much u get paid?

minimum $5 you will get. you can increase Ur price as per Ur experience and level you achieve on fiver. some are making 200-500 dollars for on completing a one gig . It depends on how much efforts its requires and time it takes

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